Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about ATPO


Q. What is the difference between ATPO and JCAHPO?
A. ATPO Unifies and JCAHPO Certifies.
Q. Where are the local chapters of ATPO?
A. To find out, click on List of Chapters.
Continuing Education Articles

Q. How do I submit a CE Article for publication?
A. View the CE submission guidelines.
Q. How long does it take to grade the quizzes and send my credit letter?
A. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

 Q. Is it true I receive 5 complimentary CE credits?
A. Yes, members may earn up to 5 CE credits free each membership year by successfully completing CE offerings on the Internet.
To earn the free CE credits, you must be a member of ATPO, then read a CE article online or listen to an audio presentation, take the accompanying quiz and check ATPO member complimentary credit, and mail or fax the quiz to ATPO. All quiz attempts are counted against the 5 CE credits regardless of quiz outcomes. 

Q. What does ATPO offer for continuing education credits?
A. Click on the following link for a list of CE opportunities.

Q. What is ATPO's mailing address?
A. 2025 Woodlane Dr, St. Paul, MN 55125-2998

Q. What are ATPO's business hours?
A. ATPO's business hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central Time
Q. What is ATPO's phone number?
A. Toll free: 800-482-4858
Q. What is the fax number?
A. 651-731-0410
Q. What is the e-mail address?
Job Listings

Q. How do I post a position on the ATPO Web site?
A. To post an ad, go to and click on the Career Connection tab and then click on “POST A JOB”. This will take you to the Local Eye Site (LES). ATPO and LES formed a partnership to become one of the most comprehensive online employment network sites for eye care professionals. Your eye care practice or organization may become an LES member by choosing the job posting subscription level that best fits your needs. Subscription plans are month to month, and may be canceled at any time. LES members may also query the LES database of eye care job seekers using our Connect2Hire proprietary feature for job opportunity email blasts. No waiting – pay on line and post immediately!

Q. I am looking for a job, how can ATPO help me?
A. To look for a job, go to and click on the Career Connection tab and then click on “FIND A JOB”. You can sort job postings by your position and can also sort by state. You can sign up with Local Eye Site and have position openings that fit your criteria e-mailed directly to you.


Q. When/where is the ATPO annual Scientific Session & Grand Rounds in 2017?
A. November 10-12, 2017, in New Orleans.
Q. When does the annual meeting catalog/bulletin/course book go out in the mail?
A. Approximately July 1st.
Q. When/where is the next regional meeting?
A. View the regional meetings list.

Q.   How much does a membership cost?
A.   A one-year membership is $75.00. Click here for a membership application or join / renew online.
Q. What are the benefits of membership?
A. There are many benefits of ATPO membership including complimentary credits, regional meetings, salary survey, and more. Click on the following link for a list of ATPO benefits.

Q. Are there group membership rates available?
A. Yes, enroll 3 or more members per organization at $65.00 each for a savings of at least $30! Click on the following link for a group membership application.

Q. What other types of membership do you offer?
A. ATPO also offers a student membership rate, see the membership application for details.


Q. What type of payments are accepted?
A. ATPO accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal or business checks, or cashier's checks/money orders.


Q. What are the ATPO Certification Exam Review Flash Cards?
A. ATPO offers review Flash Cards for the COA, COT, COMT, Surgical Assisting (OSA), and ROUB. The card sets range from 50-156 cards and cost between $12-$30 for members and $20-$40 for non-members. View more details here.

Q. What is the Salary Survey?
A. The National Salary & Compensation Report for AOP presents findings of a comprehensive national survey conducted by ATPO, in collaboration with JCAHPO. The Salary Survey is FREE for ATPO Members. Visit our Members Only page today!

Q. How often is the Salary Survey conducted?
A. The Salary Survey is conducted every other year.


 Q. How can I receive the ATPO Viewpoints® Magazine?
A. Viewpoints® is published and mailed to all ATPO members. The Viewpoints® library of past issues is also available on the Members Only page.
Q. How often is the ATPO Viewpoints® Magazine published?
A. Viewpoints® is published January and July of each year.

Q. I am interesting in volunteering, how can I help?
A. Click here to view volunteer opportunities.
Do you have a question about ATPO?
Write to: with the subject line "ATPO FAQ Questions". We will e-mail you a response and add the frequently asked questions/answers on this page.