Highlights from ATPO's History

  • Launched the new ATPO website
  • Released the updated COA Exam Flashcards with the new Mobile App
  • Published the 10th Anniversary Issue of our Viewpoints magazine, which was approved for 1.5 CE credits
  • In collaboration with the International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO), launched the There’s A Career In Sight For You! promotional video to grow awareness of the field and recruit potential technicians
  • Participated as an exhibitor and held an educational workshop at HOSA’s International Leadership Conference (ILC) in partnership with IJCAHPO and the Consortium of Ophthalmic Training Programs (COTP)

  • Completed the 2017 Salary & Compensation Report
  • Expanded the Train The Trainer Program to include 7 hours of instruction
  • Passed an initiative to allow Fellow Members to use a pre-nominal designator letter and parenthesized (F) to precede ATPO after their names

  • Created a Career Development Task Force with partners, JCAHPO and ASCRS
  • Launched a Train The Trainer Training Program
  • Presented a Career Branding and Networking Program for the 2nd Year
  • Initiated an Ambassador Program
  • Began developing a Train The Trainer book
  • Began work on a scribe and a retina Pocket Guide
  • Expanded Exam Review Session programs to include additional states

  • ViewPoints Magazine expands to twice a year
  • 2015 Salary & Compensation Report is completed
  • Membership grows to over 2,000
  • Updated the ROUB Flashcards
  • AOP named one of the best careers of 2015

  • Implemented the all-new Monthly Memo e-newsletter
  • Added new courses to the EyeCareCE.org website
  • Updated the Surgical Assisting Flashcards

  • Completed 2013 Salary and Benefits Report
  • Revised the Bylaws
  • Voted to expand Viewpoints Magazine
  • Held two successful membership drives; increasing membership by 197

  • Worked with JCAHPO to update and revise the Pocket Guide
  • Held a Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session with a focus on membership and branding ATPO
  • Finished updates to the COT Flashcards

  • Partnered with Local Eye Site on a new Career Connection Job Posting Service
  • Held COA and COT Written Certification Review Webinars; both will be published on www.actioned.org
  • Published 2008 Audio-Recorded Courses on www.actioned.org
  • Completed 2011 Salary and Benefits Report

  • Updated COA, COT, and COMT Flashcards to reflect the new JCAHPO Certification Examination Criteria
  • Partnered with JCAHPO on the ACTIONED website
  • Launched new ATPO website

  • Partnered with JCAHPO to publish the JCAHPO/ATPO Pocket Guide for Ophthalmic Technicians
  • Partnered with JCAHPO to offer Continuing Education Webinar Programs
  • 2009 Salary and Benefits Report published
  • Added a second Director-at-Large position on the Board of Directors

  • Held the first Super Tech educational game show in Atlanta, GA, during the Scientific Session

  • COMT, Surgical Assisting (OSA), and ROUB Flash Cards completed
  • 2007 Salary and Benefits Report published
  • Offered COA, COT, and COMT Written Certification Examination Review courses at ASCRS

  • First ATPO Viewpoints Magazine published in October
  • ATPO Fellow Lecture renamed to “Kenneth E. Woodworth, Jr. Fellow Lecture”
  • COT Flash Cards completed
  • Favorite Scientific Session Speaker Award

  • COT Practical Review Course offered and COMT Written Examination Review offered
  • COA Flash Cards completed

  • Group Membership and Dual CLAO membership offered
  • COMT Practical Review Course offered for first time

  • Office of Vice-President established
  • Phil Weber Fund established
  • COA and COT Written Examination Review Courses offered at Annual Meeting

  • Treasurer’s term extended to 2 years
  • Director-at-Large term extended to 2 years
  • First ATPO auction

  • Alliance with JCAHPO

  • First Tech Bowl

  • First ATPO chapter established (Kentucky)

  • First LSR retreat, Baltimore, MD
  • Mid-Year meeting, Orlando, FL
  • AAO Management Team
  • Viewpoints
  • 25th Anniversary celebration (1969-1994)

  • First KCSee meeting

  • First keynote speaker
  • First full day Scientific Session

  • Name change from AACAHPO to ATPO
  • First Special President's Award given

  • Executive Director named
  • Malpractice insurance
  • First Scientific Session
  • First President's Award given

  • 501(c)(6) received
  • Fellow Award changed from Life Member

  • Silor Optical Scholarship contest
  • Directors-at-Large added

  • Newsletter gets a name, Viewpoints

  • JCAHPO Representatives became full Commissioners
  • Major bylaws revision
  • COMT added

  • Office of President-Elect formed

  • First Regional Program, Birmingham, AL

  • Started Journal/Newsletter

  • Became incorporated
  • American Association of Certified Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology

  • First organized meeting
  • LaSalle Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, October 11, 1969
  • American Association of Certified Medical Technicians in Ophthalmology (AACMTO)